Monthly Archives: September 2011


We want to reach out to our community during the time of Christmas, as it is a time, when many are open to GOD.

Some, because they feel lonelier than ever and desperate for hope. Others because they cannot figure out how to cope with meeting their family, friends and relatives. Others still, because – how ever absurd the cause might be – they remember GOD for once this year.

But let us not let this opportunity pass by, without telling our community about a true Holy Night, about Salvation and the GOD who loves them!

If you are part of a church that wants to reach out

  •  If you want training (free of charge that is, except if travel is needed outside of Swakopmund) for your church on how to reach out to evangelise, please contact us!
  • If you want to know more, please contact us!
  • If you want to host your own event, or join with another church for such an event, please contact us!

If you are an individual that wants to reach out

  • If you desire outreach training, please contact us and we will connect you to a training event, closest to you
  • If you desire to participate in an outreach, please contact us for more details.

If you are a non believer

  • You want to know more about what we are talking about… contact us…we’ll take all the time it needs to help!
  • If you need counselling, contact us please (we will try to help or at least connect you to someone who can).

When?   probably 03.December 2012

Where?    Almost everywhere around the world. And also here in Swakopmund!