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Easter Evangelism

Easter is coming up… people are getting excited about a long Easter weekend end, chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, some even about going to church for Easter breakfast, …

However … what is Easter about? What difference can I, can YOU make … this Easter.

On Good Friday, we as Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, God’s son. It was the darkest day of mankind, when Jesus became sin, for us to be righteous (2.Corinthians 5:21) before God; when Jesus died, for our transgressions and iniquities. When He looked into the faces of those that hated Him to still love them and ask God to forgive them and us and YOU (Luke 23:34), and let Him pay the price of death for it.

On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Who after being dead for 3 days (1.Corinthians 15:4), rose from the dead and lives ever since. After the remembrance of the darkest moment and greatest moment of love that God has for us, we now celebrate God’s eternal victory over Satan. It is a day of celebration of deliverance and redemption; a celebration of grace and mercy from God.

So this Easter…why not try something different than you did before?

Choose to spread the Gospel… go with the trend and get some chocolates – small ones in wrapping similar to a sweet – then go to and print the letter in languages most spoken where you come from. Print the letter on beautiful paper, fold the paper nicely, or roll it with a ribbon around it and attach the chocolate.

Prepare yourself a whole stack of it. Gather some friends… go out to the streets and distribute them, wishing the people a happy and blessed Easter.

You will encounter smiles, surprised and thankful faces… people are barely reluctant to receive gifts on Easter, so the time is ideal. And what they will hold in their hands is a love letter from God to them.

This Easter, chose to save a life by spreading the truth, which has saved yours. Jesus Christ, Son of God, Lord and Saviour, Redeemer… has risen and lives! Praise God!



10 Steps, a Recipe or Christianity?

We are human. We love a recipe… for every aspect of life; to cook, to lose weight, to get fit, to escape burn-out, to define ourselves, to success,…

Then we look at the Old Testament Pharisees and we condemn them of giving the Israelites a recipe on how to live life that is pleasing to God. We call it dead religion.

Then comes Jesus. Radical, NON religious as it gets, revolutionist, DIFFERENT from every recipe or 10 step plan mankind knows up to then… and changes it all! He is disgusted by ‘dead religion’, by all the rules set out to please our need for a recipe to fix and do it all and get it all right.

Today, here we stand… and again most of us are stuck with a recipe on how to be a Christian and a 10 step plan on living sanctified lives. We often are no different from these Pharisees… our rules just SEEM different. They sound something like this:

–          go to church on a regular basis

–          don’t smoke, drink, etc

–          don’t watch movies like…

–          do good works for God

–          pray a prayer of salvation and let the pastor affirm you are saved now

–          cleanse your house of anything that might deny God

–          …

And I imagine Jesus standing by and shouting out to get heard through the haze of tradition and religion, weeping because what we follow is a 10 step plan or some modern recipe that is NO different from the Pharisees tradition… but we miss the point. We are to follow HIM.

All we are to do…is get to know Jesus/God more. Know Him more today than yesterday, tomorrow more than today.

How do we do that, if not by our newly created religion? Easy…and difficult at the same time:

Instead of following instructions by people who claim to be Christians (and authors at times, of Christian books)… read the Bible, pray…read it again, pray… and again! Every time you fail to understand what it means, get down on your knees and pray. Don’t give up… continue to pray. Your knees are sore?… then get on your feet and pray… talk to GOD… scream out for Jesus… ask for wisdom (for God promises to give it to us if we ask for it). If you feel you cannot go on, on your own…get a brother or sister in Christ… now both of you… get down on your knees… pray!

Draw near to God! Draw closer to Jesus! Let the Holy Spirit confirm your salvation to you… let Him confirm God’s will to you by allowing you to understand the Bible! Let GOD speak to you!

And many of the things that you would have done out of purely following recipes before, now will follow out of conviction and a relationship to God!

You will not KNOW GOD more by following the religious recipe of Christians! You will miss the point if that is all you do. Even if you do it with an upright heart and devoted soul.

Unless JESUS and a relationship to HIM is the centre of your being… the rest is dead works…and will lead to death… not to the life you so dearly desire.

Change your life today! DRAW NEAR TO GOD!

Hurting to show them you are hurting

I have met many people who inflict injury to themselves … I myself have done it years ago… but why? I have met many people who ask ‘why’ and do not understand. In this article I will not deal with the psychological side of things, as there are others that will do much better on it, but I’d like to look partially at the spiritual side of it.

Have you ever been angry enough to feel like hitting the wall or a door? Have you ever been faced with actions of stupidity that almost hurt? Have you ever wished you could turn an emotional hurt into a physical, because that would be more bearable? Have you ever visited a doctor, physiotherapist, biokineticist … just once more than necessary, just because the attention felt good? Or as a child, have you ever hurt your arm…and it did hurt… but a bandage or sling wouldn’t have been necessary for you – but somehow it felt good?

Well… that is basically the same thing… it comes of the same origin. Though most self inflicted injury has an addictive potential and is much worse, the idea… the need behind it is the same.

It is attention seeking. When hurting emotionally, we feel the need to be noticed… the need for someone to notice our hurting inside. Most people would go and consult a friend (up to the point of throwing a pity party) or talk to a partner. Sadly not everyone has someone in their lives that will understand…so they turn to other means, for their need is real and it feels like it is slowly killing them. For even if a doctor won’t attest their hurting emotionally in most cases, at least he will acknowledge and listen. For even if a wound, self – inflicted, isn’t pretty … it will cause people to ask and be interested in how YOU feel.

But what does God say about it? What is HIS answer to this situation?  In the Old Testament, the Bible tells us of cults in which people cut themselves as part of their cult rituals. And it states clearly that God despises this behaviour. Other Bible verses confirm that a person may hurt but still smile as to hide their true feelings and that people cut themselves during a time of mourning.

But perhaps the question isn’t so much why God despises it (for most people would rather stop it sooner than later, if they found their need met and the addiction to fade), but rather, what does God offer to prevent, heal and stop it.

God never wanted you to feel alone in such a way that your only way out is to be noticed by people using all and any means! He loves you! He had His son, Jesus Christ suffer on your behalf to give you healing – even of this! He promises to be with you even in your darkest moments of despair!

Consult in HIM. Turn to Him with your need. Draw near to Him. Call out to Him… for He will hear you and answer you and He alone can heal your heart and fill it with His unconditional love and peace and joy.

Many people inflicting injury to themselves have been doing so for very long. If that is you, I advise you to seek professional help (there are Christian counsellors and Christian psychologists, who will help you from both: medical and spiritual side). But trust in GOD… He is the answer and the source of healing! It may require you to break away from friends with the same habit and problem… it might require you more will power than you expected… but there IS deliverance and healing.

May God be with you on this path! Be it understanding and praying for those that are affected or being affected yourself.  May HE guide you and bless you! Remember, the answer lies in Jesus! 




Today, on Namibia’s 22nd Independence Day… I decided to post something of value concerning independence and dependence – looking at a Christian life.

Looking at society it is desirable to life in a Democracy or Republic… to be independent of others financially and emotionally… to be free of any law considered to spoil your fun… – the list could be endlessly continued. HOWEVER, is it desirable to be independent? Is dependency always a negative thing? How about Christians – should they be dependent or independent?

Webster’s Dictionary describes “independent” in several ways. For our information, let’s look at some of these as they are defined.

(A.) The first describes “independent” in this manner; “not subject to another’s authority.” This has the implication of being lawless, or not influenced by lawful control.

(B.) The second word used is “autonomous.” The meaning of this is; “to be involved with one’s self or to be distant from others.”

(C.) The third meaning is “free from authority.” The implication is to be exempt or without external authority.

(D.) The fourth definition is “not to recognize any jurisdiction.” A person or persons making themselves exempt from authority, although it may exist for some.

(E.) The fifth definition to look at is “not depending on another for value.” This thought projects the idea that one’s own value is better than that of others, or another does not have value equal to oneself, or one has no need of other people.

Looking at a state or country it is desirable to live in one – yes. However as a Christian, we must never forget we are part of an eternal and spiritual KINGDOM. Being independent of other people when looking at debt is a wise choice – however being independent of your partner when climbing is dangerous! Being independent of a friend emotionally is a good thing, as it doesn’t imply you do not have compassion or empathy, but simply that you are not depending your mood, state of mind or how you feel on another person; rather put that on God. Looking at any law given by God, our CREATOR (meaning He ‘built’ you and knows the design and all needs of it and how it functions at its best), it is not there to spoil your fun, but to protect you from damage.

Independency sadly has become an acceptable way of life for many Christians today, with most thinking it to be quite normal. But let us look at it closer:

The first occurrence of independency from God was with Satan, before the world was created. Adam and Eve, in the garden Eden, were tempted in this exact area 9independence from God and ruling their own life) as well (and failed the test, mind me say). Jesus, when walking this earth, was tempted with an offer of independence (from God) by Satan himself.

The Galatians in Asia Minor on the other hand experienced a problem of self-dependence in the early Church. They were attempting to find favour with God by their own abilities and works. Dependent faith is not optional or interchangeable with works, if the Christian desires to enter and live in a place of freedom in the kingdom of God. The Spirit of God cannot set the Christian free to follow Jesus, if he chooses to live the same independent life he followed before he came to Christ.

Dependent faith brings us to a submissive place in Christ, which submits to the truths taught in Scripture. Submission is not giving mental assent to the truth, but living a life in the physical practice of following Jesus.

It would be quite impossible to be autonomous, and yet to be following Christ in dependence at the same time. Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

So the Bible makes it quite clear: we are to be dependent on God and on GOD alone. It is only in complete dependence that we can walk in the full capacity of the Spirit and fulfill the calling God has for our lives.

However may I add, I am very blessed to life in an independent Namibia – where I may freely live my faith and express my opinion!

Be very blessed dear reader…and I pray you may be more dependent on God every day!

The Promise Game

I don’t really know if there is a name for this…to me it is the Promise Game. It is for moments of despair, moments when you feel tired and worn-out, moments of grief, moments of solitude and loneliness, moments when you feel like giving up AND moments when you need to encourage someone else.

It practices faith and helps to focus on the truly essential:  Jesus Christ, the centre and axis of our lives, the solution to our challenges and problems. And takes focus of the “me” … and the “problem or cause”. It prevents a pity party. I promise…it will help within minutes, if played correctly.

What do you need? A fellow Christian… via Facebook, Twitter, Chat, Skype, … or in person.

How does it work: Simple. DON’T talk about your problem. Ask simply if you can play a game, and explain only that you need to regain focus as you are currently highly challenged.

Then you start: Tell the person on the other end a promise God gives them. Then it is their turn to do the same to you.

This routine is maintained until you feel better (because there will be more promises than you will be able to name in one session). You then tell the other person, that you can smile again and feel much better and ask how they are feeling.

CHOOSE NOT TO speak about your problem – even now. Just trust in God. Enjoy the feeling better and thank HIM for it.

May it bless you as much as it blessed me!

Global Outreach Day 2012

Global Outreach Day 2012 is an interdenominational, international Outreach on the  2nd June 2012 where every church or community or group of people according to their abilities and passion, will reach their community for Christ.

To join G.O.D. Namibia, please contact me.

To learn more about who is in on it or what it is all about, please go to:

To download the flyer:
Global Outreach Day 2012

Check out our official video for G.O.D.


Change your Life

Bored? Frustrated? Lonely? Fed Up? Unsatisfied? Longing for a change?

Longing for a new life? A purpose filled life? A life with God?

No money or energy or time for a life coach and you don’t believe in them anyways?

Ok, here we go:

A lot of things will not change how you feel immediately, but will give you encouragement to change. However every change comes with a cost.

So the first question you need to pose yourself is: “What am I willing to let it cost me?”

I would advise you to write down your answer on a blank sheet of paper. On the back side of that paper write down, what irritated, frustrates, annoys or angers or disappoints you most in your own life at the moment. Basically what you want to change.

Now erase all those that you cannot influence directly because they are not yours to change, but somebody else’s. Then let us get going!

Every person loves a life with a certain amount of change or adventure and a certain amount of security or things they are used to. So the next question that needs to be answered is: “What do you love doing?” Then try answering these questions: “What causes you to feel joy and love?” “What motivates you most?” “What causes you to want to bring upon immediately when you see it?”

Knowing those answers will lead you in the right direction, so write them down if you can. Looking at all that, you have to start looking for ways to change circumstances or direction. Write any ideas down. No matter how silly they might sound.

However it doesn’t matter how much you try if you do not know what you are living for. Some of you might be Christian…others not. No matter which of the two you are… unless you find the purpose of your life, you will never be satisfied and at complete peace.

Finding God is a process that comes with a cost too. Growing in a relationship with Him contains not only fun times…but also perseverance and even hardships at times – but it pays off!

If it is a habit you need to make or break you might want to read my blog post on the matter.

If it is your relationship with God you want to improve…start praying.

As soon as you decide that the vicious cycle, the monotonous rhythm of your daily routine is costing you energy you do not have, you can break it.

Pray… until your jeans wear through at the knees, you go hoarse, you feel uplifted, something changes, you have an answer, you know Gods heart…and He knows yours completely…pray until you cannot think of anything you would rather want to do!

The strength to change, lies within your will to change… you might not have the strength…but God does.

Trust God. Read your Bible. Call on Jesus. PRAY. PRAY and WORSHIP in all circumstances -and experience break through.