Change your Life

Bored? Frustrated? Lonely? Fed Up? Unsatisfied? Longing for a change?

Longing for a new life? A purpose filled life? A life with God?

No money or energy or time for a life coach and you don’t believe in them anyways?

Ok, here we go:

A lot of things will not change how you feel immediately, but will give you encouragement to change. However every change comes with a cost.

So the first question you need to pose yourself is: “What am I willing to let it cost me?”

I would advise you to write down your answer on a blank sheet of paper. On the back side of that paper write down, what irritated, frustrates, annoys or angers or disappoints you most in your own life at the moment. Basically what you want to change.

Now erase all those that you cannot influence directly because they are not yours to change, but somebody else’s. Then let us get going!

Every person loves a life with a certain amount of change or adventure and a certain amount of security or things they are used to. So the next question that needs to be answered is: “What do you love doing?” Then try answering these questions: “What causes you to feel joy and love?” “What motivates you most?” “What causes you to want to bring upon immediately when you see it?”

Knowing those answers will lead you in the right direction, so write them down if you can. Looking at all that, you have to start looking for ways to change circumstances or direction. Write any ideas down. No matter how silly they might sound.

However it doesn’t matter how much you try if you do not know what you are living for. Some of you might be Christian…others not. No matter which of the two you are… unless you find the purpose of your life, you will never be satisfied and at complete peace.

Finding God is a process that comes with a cost too. Growing in a relationship with Him contains not only fun times…but also perseverance and even hardships at times – but it pays off!

If it is a habit you need to make or break you might want to read my blog post on the matter.

If it is your relationship with God you want to improve…start praying.

As soon as you decide that the vicious cycle, the monotonous rhythm of your daily routine is costing you energy you do not have, you can break it.

Pray… until your jeans wear through at the knees, you go hoarse, you feel uplifted, something changes, you have an answer, you know Gods heart…and He knows yours completely…pray until you cannot think of anything you would rather want to do!

The strength to change, lies within your will to change… you might not have the strength…but God does.

Trust God. Read your Bible. Call on Jesus. PRAY. PRAY and WORSHIP in all circumstances -and experience break through. 


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