A temporary farewell

How does one say goodbye to a community that remains?

I have loved writing on this blog. I had at least 3 really good ideas of what still to post about, but I won’t; at least not on this blog.

Allow me to explain:

I started this blog when I moved from Munich, Germany to Swakopmund, Namibia because God had sent me there to work and minister. Now I am about to immigrate to Berlin, Germany (again in obedience to my Lord and Saviour).

It feels wrong to continue a blog named ‘evangelismnamibia’ while I live on another continent without currently intended permanent return to Africa.

I intend on starting a new blog in the future that will carry all the posts of this one,  however will be better structured and broader with regards to topics covered and thus audience. However now is not the time.

The email address attached to this blog will remain intact – you can thus reach me via email still.

The Facebook group will also remain in the interim (though the name might change to a more general one).

As soon as I have started the new blog, I will let you know – here on this blog (which will remain right here where it is!), on the Facebook group and… yes, I hope you will again enjoy reading what I post.

May your walk with God be abundantly blessed! May His truth guide you and protect you from deception and may your heart draw closer to His daily!

It has been a pleasure and honour to write here for your enrichment.


Worship Self Portrait


One response to “A temporary farewell

  1. Looking forward to reading your new blog, Jessica!

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