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A matter of perspective

Have you ever heard of the statement: ‘the glass is half full/ half empty’?

Well there is truth in this statement and more than you might guess. I’d go as far as to say, that our mood, our reactions, our actions… and eventually our lives are determined by perspective. How you view a situation, a problem, a person, a statement … or to put it simpler… how you see, hear and feel something is determined by your presumptions and therefore makes it a matter of perspective.

This post will be somewhat different from the others in that it will just outline a few interesting perspectives on common situations, that hopefully will invite you to meditate on your own perspectives and on your faith (for even unbelievers have faith – the question is in what).

Ever heard the comment: “Well, you Christians…the Ten Commandments and all the other rules keep you from all the fun in life?” and then thought by yourself… ‘Well, perhaps they are right.’? So here we go… let’s change the perspective. Please allow me to draw a picture to make the point easily understood. Imagine the Ten Commandments and all the rules and laws God gives us Christians to be a circular fence. Then the comment mentioned earlier would suggest, you stand inside the fence and all the fun happens outside of it…i.e. you

you are kept from it. This idea implies that God is a spoil sport, that he hates you to have fun and abundance in life, that true abundance and fun and love and peace and excitement and adventure and everything we call worthwhile living for, happens mostly outside of it.

However the Bible tells us: Jer 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

So allow me to change the perspective on this matter. Guess what, God created you…He is your

maker…the designer…He wrote the manual to how you will function best…He knows what you need. And the above bible verse tells us, He seeks our welfare. So perhaps the fence we spoke about earlier… perhaps you are standing outside of it…holding onto it and facing what lies within it – thinking that that is all there is to a life worthwhile living. How about you turn around… you will realise God entrapped things that will harm you within the boundaries of that fence… namely lawlessness, rebellion, iniquities, sexual desires that will ultimately lead to a broken heart, egoism, idolatry, bitterness, … or causes of these. Then when you look at all the beauty that is outside this fence and that beauty you ARE standing in … you will find what you are truly looking for: unconditional love, peace at heart, joy independent of circumstances, an adventurous life within His will that is anything but boring… . It might be worthwhile a change of perspective… think about it.

Another quote of words often spoken: “The circumstances I am living in ARE just like that… there is no use fooling myself into thinking they are any different from what they are.” Mostly people tend to say these sentences of similar ones, when they are depressed, unmotivated, discouraged and more than just a little despaired. They are frustrated with ever returning circumstances and lost faith of them coming to an end.  They claim it would be lying to themselves if they changed their perspective because they see this change as ignoring the reality of the situation.

However  the closer a source gets to the light, the bigger the shadow behind it becomes. Facing the light doesn’t imply that you ignore the fact that you do through a shadow… but it is choosing to look at the positive even though being aware there IS in fact a shadow side to it. Many Christians feel depressed over their current situations – however…please DO remember… the closer you get to God (the source of light in your life), the bigger the shadow. Only knowing about this fact, it is YOUR CHOICE which way you face.

There are an abundant number of examples of quotes and statements I could list here… however I pray these triggered some thoughts reminding you of your own situations and allowing to draw a parallel… that will break the vicious cycle of having perhaps the wrong perspective and bringing the freedom that God has created you for.

Be abundantly blessed!