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The Promise Game

I don’t really know if there is a name for this…to me it is the Promise Game. It is for moments of despair, moments when you feel tired and worn-out, moments of grief, moments of solitude and loneliness, moments when you feel like giving up AND moments when you need to encourage someone else.

It practices faith and helps to focus on the truly essential:  Jesus Christ, the centre and axis of our lives, the solution to our challenges and problems. And takes focus of the “me” … and the “problem or cause”. It prevents a pity party. I promise…it will help within minutes, if played correctly.

What do you need? A fellow Christian… via Facebook, Twitter, Chat, Skype, … or in person.

How does it work: Simple. DON’T talk about your problem. Ask simply if you can play a game, and explain only that you need to regain focus as you are currently highly challenged.

Then you start: Tell the person on the other end a promise God gives them. Then it is their turn to do the same to you.

This routine is maintained until you feel better (because there will be more promises than you will be able to name in one session). You then tell the other person, that you can smile again and feel much better and ask how they are feeling.

CHOOSE NOT TO speak about your problem – even now. Just trust in God. Enjoy the feeling better and thank HIM for it.

May it bless you as much as it blessed me!