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Today, on Namibia’s 22nd Independence Day… I decided to post something of value concerning independence and dependence – looking at a Christian life.

Looking at society it is desirable to life in a Democracy or Republic… to be independent of others financially and emotionally… to be free of any law considered to spoil your fun… – the list could be endlessly continued. HOWEVER, is it desirable to be independent? Is dependency always a negative thing? How about Christians – should they be dependent or independent?

Webster’s Dictionary describes “independent” in several ways. For our information, let’s look at some of these as they are defined.

(A.) The first describes “independent” in this manner; “not subject to another’s authority.” This has the implication of being lawless, or not influenced by lawful control.

(B.) The second word used is “autonomous.” The meaning of this is; “to be involved with one’s self or to be distant from others.”

(C.) The third meaning is “free from authority.” The implication is to be exempt or without external authority.

(D.) The fourth definition is “not to recognize any jurisdiction.” A person or persons making themselves exempt from authority, although it may exist for some.

(E.) The fifth definition to look at is “not depending on another for value.” This thought projects the idea that one’s own value is better than that of others, or another does not have value equal to oneself, or one has no need of other people.

Looking at a state or country it is desirable to live in one – yes. However as a Christian, we must never forget we are part of an eternal and spiritual KINGDOM. Being independent of other people when looking at debt is a wise choice – however being independent of your partner when climbing is dangerous! Being independent of a friend emotionally is a good thing, as it doesn’t imply you do not have compassion or empathy, but simply that you are not depending your mood, state of mind or how you feel on another person; rather put that on God. Looking at any law given by God, our CREATOR (meaning He ‘built’ you and knows the design and all needs of it and how it functions at its best), it is not there to spoil your fun, but to protect you from damage.

Independency sadly has become an acceptable way of life for many Christians today, with most thinking it to be quite normal. But let us look at it closer:

The first occurrence of independency from God was with Satan, before the world was created. Adam and Eve, in the garden Eden, were tempted in this exact area 9independence from God and ruling their own life) as well (and failed the test, mind me say). Jesus, when walking this earth, was tempted with an offer of independence (from God) by Satan himself.

The Galatians in Asia Minor on the other hand experienced a problem of self-dependence in the early Church. They were attempting to find favour with God by their own abilities and works. Dependent faith is not optional or interchangeable with works, if the Christian desires to enter and live in a place of freedom in the kingdom of God. The Spirit of God cannot set the Christian free to follow Jesus, if he chooses to live the same independent life he followed before he came to Christ.

Dependent faith brings us to a submissive place in Christ, which submits to the truths taught in Scripture. Submission is not giving mental assent to the truth, but living a life in the physical practice of following Jesus.

It would be quite impossible to be autonomous, and yet to be following Christ in dependence at the same time. Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

So the Bible makes it quite clear: we are to be dependent on God and on GOD alone. It is only in complete dependence that we can walk in the full capacity of the Spirit and fulfill the calling God has for our lives.

However may I add, I am very blessed to life in an independent Namibia – where I may freely live my faith and express my opinion!

Be very blessed dear reader…and I pray you may be more dependent on God every day!