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Blessing and Curse – do we get it?

Blessing and Curse are commonly used terms in a Christian and also a biblical vocabulary. Lately I have noticed something that worries my however:

We have reversed the Biblical idea of blessing and curse.

A blessing in the Bible is that which drives me to my knees and causes me to know how much I need my God.

A curse in the Bible is that which gives me the illusion that I can depend on myself and I’ll be just fine.

In our current society and even community of Christians, we seem to have reversed the understanding of both.

We deem challenges to be from the devil all too often, rebuking the devil, when it is God pruning us and circumcising our hearts. On the other hand we have given a free ticket to anything that soothes our soul, pleases our senses and allows us to stand self-sufficiently in our daily life – even calling it a blessing.

Looking at the biblical context we find real life challenges that men and women of God faced:

Abraham being asked to leave his home country and relatives without knowing where the journey will take them to follow the call of a God, he is yet to get to know; David is anointed as king, yet spends years fleeing from the current king fearing for his life; the disciples of Jesus being requested to leave behind everything and follow Him without knowing what that might entail; Mary, the mother of Jesus, being an unmarried, single teenager, pregnant and claiming it is the Holy Spirit that impregnated her, in a society that is deeply religious;

Every single of these challenges circumcised the hearts of men and women of God shaping them as effective tools in the advancement of His kingdom.

If I am honest, I prefer it when I can be self-sustainable and self-reliant during all phases of life. However none of these moments caused me to seek God more or to draw me closer to Him.

On the other hand, I do admit I have frequent “spiritual growing pains” when the challenges put before me by God really reach deep into my soul and cause me to come to a place of surrender to Him.

All too frequent we hear the resounding echoes of phrases that end with “…I am so blessed” when what they really express is gratitude toward God rather than blessing from Him. And I DO agree we need to openly and publicly express such gratitude.

However confusing our words and calling it a blessing, causes a wrong perception among current Christianity of what a blessing of God is really about.

Understanding what a biblical blessing is all about, will help us embrace what God has for us, instead of rebuking the Holy Spirit.

Understanding what a curse is in the biblical interpretation on the other hand, will help us discern the schemes of the enemy that at times confuse and deceive our perception of matters.

May you be blessed by God!